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UGE SS Wrist Wraps
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UGE SS Wrist Wraps

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AUD 39.95
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The New UGE SS wrist wraps combine the best of stretchability and stiffness for maximal support of the wrist joint.

UGE SS Wrist Wraps

UGE SS (Stiff+Stretch) wrist wraps are made to support the wrist joint during heavy bench press, overhead pressing and back squatting.

The combination of stiffness and stretchability these wraps provide create a tight cast like stiffness which will aid in protecting the wrists from injury during training and competition.

If you prefer a wrist wrap with stiff support and stretchability for increased tightness, then these are the best option for you.

Suited to Intermediate and Advanced lifters.

Available in 60cm & 80cm - Sold as a pair

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