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Texas Deadlift Bar
Texas Deadlift Bar Best Deadlifting Barbell

Texas Deadlift Bar

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The world renowned specialised barbell that will literally add kilos to your deadlift.

Texas Deadlift Bar

The Texas Deadlift Bar is the only choice for those serious about taking their deadlifts to new heights.

There is no question of quality with the Texas Deadlift Bar.
It has been the only barbell used for competition deadlifts of over 1000lbs!

The Deadlift Bar is longer and has a smaller diameter than a normal power bar, meaning it gives more 'whip' or flex.
This flex allows the lifter to pull from a slightly higher position before the weights leave the ground.

  • 27mm Diameter
  • 7½ Foot Length
  • 20kg Bar Weight
  • 56 Inches Between Collars
  • Deep Diamond Knurling
  • No Centre Knurling
  • Black Zinc Oxide Coating
  • 186,000 PSI Rating
  • 2000lb (907kg) Static Tested
Please note: Texas Bars frequently sell out due to high demand.

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